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to ALL Pinoy MLM networkers both here and abroad, you have just got to read this!

Who is Coach Smurkydad?

Coach Smurkydad is the founder of, creator of MyPinoyMLM Success Club group in Facebook, a successful MLM Coach/Speaker and the author of this fast-rising, best-selling, truly quality content e-book.

Why this is so important:

Statistically, 97% of all MLM networkers are not earning substantially.

Why you need this book:

What’s inside:

After reading this e-book by Coach Smurkydad, you WILL LEARN the 7 REASONS why this e-book is for you. Learn:

1. Smart, easy and applicable ways of prospecting:

-Learn different tips and techniques from a vast number of effective prospecting techniques based from best practices both from the coach himself and from other different successful networkers and get downlines both offline and online such as Facebook, and so much more.

2. The 2 kinds of MLM mentors:

-Learn the importance of having a mentor and which ONE you can really learn from.

3. Why create momentum in your network 90 days?:

-Learn different doable tips and techniques how how to build your network in 90 days and why it’s crucial.

4. How to deal with prospects and their different characters using the COLORS technique.

-Can’t get your prospect to join or even listen to you? Don’t worry. There are a lot of useful and practical tips that this book can teach you.

6. What to teach your downlines when they join you

-Been loosing downlines lately? This e-book will help you SAVE your downlines and make sure they commit.

7. How to build closing skills

-Learn how to debunk the common fallacy about closing skills in the MLM industry and how to say the RIGHT WORDS to them.

-PLUS: bonus inspirational tips, techniques and more.



“Thumbs up, coach Smurkydad! To be honest everything you taught were useful! Walang tapon! (nothing wasted!) Attending you seminar was like two (2) years of instant networking experience and more! It’s direct to the point, practical and more importantly, realistically doable!”

PAUL NUQUE, Chief Speaker and Pioneer Leader of Chews4Health (a US-based company branch here in the Philippines)


“Thank you for this. The content of your book has great value and content, it does what it says it will do to create your momentum in 90 days! Great work coach smurkydad! I am sure it will help fellow OFW network marketers here in UAE. Let’s promote this ASAP! All the best and God bless you more!”

-ROBERT MAGNAYE, Dubai UAE (Founder of Fusion Challenger, Inc.)


You can have this e-book in 2 ways:


I will give you a very limited edition FREE 169-page sample of this e-book if you subscribe right now and send your email address.


Want the FULL VERSION? No problem! For more information and special discounts, contact me.

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