How to grab your prospects attention

What do you say in your first few words to your prospects?

We only have one chance to make a good first impression. you know how our prospects make instant decisions based on the first few words we say.

We only have a few words to determine the outcome of our presentation. Let’s work hard on having great words to start. Here are some examples of headline and opening statements that will engage your prospect.

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We all want to utilize the talents we were given in writing and be able to earn from those talent, but having talents also comes certain responsibilities to it that we need to be aware of in order for us be assured that our readers keep coming back and patronize what we have to offer. Below are some writing jobs you can delve into for you to earn from and be responsible with:

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truly inspiring blog.

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Last November announced the launch of our WordAds program, whereby sites can partner and share revenues on ads sold and managed by Since its beta launch, WordAds has grown to over ten thousand sites. WordAds has been a success because bloggers can focus on content and building their audiences while handing off the time-consuming role of advertising optimization to the WordAds team.

Today, we’re launching a new homepage for the WordAds program: Here, you will find our application page as well as FAQs and a discussion forum. Moreover, most sites can now launch WordAds on their site within days of application.

To celebrate the successful launch of WordAds, we sat down to interview one of the program’s first sites at Not every WordAds site has the visitor volume to earn significant revenue, but sites that work to develop their audience can now earn good…

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