How to grab your prospects attention

What do you say in your first few words to your prospects?

We only have one chance to make a good first impression. you know how our prospects make instant decisions based on the first few words we say.

We only have a few words to determine the outcome of our presentation. Let’s work hard on having great words to start. Here are some examples of headline and opening statements that will engage your prospect.

* “Only three hours sleep – here’s proof!”

* “Take a six-month vacation twice a year and hire your boss to do your work.”

* “Think like a millionaire.”

* “Why this 28-year-old high school dropout earns more than his boss.”

* “How to change a dead-end career.”

* “When not to eat healthy.”

* “The fat-burner that works while you sleep.”

* “Three reasons to fire your boss tomorrow.”

* “Only dumb people diet the old-fashioned way.”

* “How to get rid of debt in just three years.”

* “Why your neighbors and friends get ahead – and you don’t!”

* “Never pay another cell phone bill again.”

* “Look like a millionaire for less than $50.”

* “Earn more money than your wife can spend.”

* “Have that exclusive spa facial look for only $1.75 a day.”

* “Do you swallow hard when your boss tells you to work overtime?”
Will time and practice, this will be one of the best tools that you can have in getting your prospect’s attention.



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