Creating vision – two methods of bypassing the conscious mind (by Big Al)

You have heard this at conventions. A
leader preaches to the audience:

“You’ve got to give people a vision!”

Everyone nods. Yes, a vision.

My friend, Tom Paredes, says:

“If people have a vision, nothing gets
in their way.”

Of course the opposite of that is:

“If people don’t have a vision,
everything gets in their way.”

Everybody agrees that we have to give
people vision. But …

Nobody tells us how to do it.

Most times amateur distributors try to
give their new distributors and
prospects a vision by appealing to their
conscious minds.

They ask the person to dream … to set
some goals.

But what happens in real life?

They refuse to set goals. Their
subconscious mind tells them:

* Oh, you will just be disappointed.
* That will never happen to you.
* That’s too high.
* You are just setting yourself up for failure.

And then nothing happens.

As professionals, we want to command
their subconscious mind to stop blocking
their vision, and to command their
subsconscious mind to give them an
instant vision.

A good example of how this is achieved
is with the “Word Picture” skill.

As leaders, our job is to give our
distributors and prospects vision. So
let’s use our subconscious mind skills
to do this efficiently.

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