Internet marketing and social networking for presold leads (by Big Al)

I received great advice from Art Jonak.
He said:

“Most networkers are part-time. So
instead of joining 10 or 20 social
networking sites, just become good at
one or two. So you might as well pick
the biggest: Facebook.”

I took Art’s advice.

Just think of all the time it would take
to just answer email and approve
requests if you had to do that every
night for 10 or 20 different sites. You
would be so busy moving pixels on your
computer screen, you won’t have a chance
to do your business.

Too many distributors hide behind their
computer screens pretending to be
working on their businesses. The reality
is that they are avoiding their

Our business is to have quality
conversations with quality prospects.
Our business is not surfing the Internet
and chatting with our friends list.

A lot of networkers today participate in
autoresponder courses, Facebook
Fan Page courses, blogging courses, etc.
We try to learn the quickest and most
time efficient ways to make the Internet
and social media work for us – instead
of stealing our time.

Of course the Internet and social media
are constantly changing.

But if you are just looking to do one
thing better in social media, here would
be my advice.


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