How to get local presold prospects (by Big Al)

Prospecting is a lot easier when we know
how to talk commercially. That’s why the
first 17 skills are so important.

If we master the first 17 skills, we can
talk to anyone. We don’t have to wait
for the perfect prospect, at the perfect
time, etc.

But as long as we are going to talk to
prospects, why not spend our time
talking to the very best, presold
prospects? 🙂

By understanding Skill #5, “Needs vs.
Wants,” we know that there is a huge
difference in the attitude of prospects.
Yes, we can change that attitude, but it
is a lot easier on us if we simply talk
to people with a great attitude already.

So most of my local prospecting
techniques focus on attracting and
locating presold prospects with great
attitudes, prospects who want to do
something now.

If you are a member of,
you’ve seen many threads on the
Discussion Forum such as 25 ways to find
local prospects.

While there are plenty of ways to work
locally, we should really concentrate on
just a few and become good at those.

You can build a huge local business,
right near your home now. And, you don’t
have to worry about rejection, calling
cold leads, or other uncomfortable ways
of trying to build a business.


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