6 easy ways to create instant rapport and connection with prospects (by Big Al)

Some people have asked me how to do step
#1: Create Rapport.

How to create instant rapport and connection with your prospects.

Technique #1.

People put up walls of disbelief and skepticism to people who don’t think the same way they do.

In my CD series, “How To Manipulate And Control The Minds Of Others For Fun And Profit,” I show people how to bypass this skepticism by using an opening statement that is already believed by the prospect.

When you tell a prospect something he already believes, his subconscious mind says:

“Hey, you think the same way I do. You are a genius, just like me. And you have high-level Vulcan Ninja mind-reading powers. I can believe whatever you say next.”

You can’t get trust from a prospect if you tell the prospect something he disagrees with. So here are some examples of opening statements that a prospect might agree with:

* We all want to live longer.

* Everybody wants to be fit.

* People hate wrinkles.

* We all get a cell phone bill.

* Jobs interfere with our week.

* People hate paying too much for electricity.

* Two paychecks are better than one.

* Every mom wants to be home with her babies.

* It is hard to get raises today.

* The economy is in the toilet.

With opening statements like these, your prospect will think, “Yeah. You speak my language.”

Technique #2

People are programmed to be scared of salesmen. Salesmen have an agenda and want to sell you something.

Nobody likes to be sold, but people love to buy.

So how do you get people to feel like they are buying instead of feeling like they are being sold?

By putting the control of the information flow in their hands.

When someone is giving a presentation, they are selling to you.

When you ask questions, and they answer your questions, you are buying.

See the difference?

What question will change their perception of you?

How about this:

“What would you like to know first?”

Instead of pitching and presenting, you put them in the question-asking mode.

It’s easy. And it is polite.

Nobody enjoys a one-way conversation where the salesman is talking at us.

So as soon as possible, ask the question:

“What would you like to know first?”

Technique #3.

The words, “Most people,” trigger a common human decision program.

We feel safe with most people. We feel insecure when we are alone.

Yes, there is safety in numbers.

How would you like to walk through a dark alley at night?


Or with a group of people?

We are secure when others are around us and have made the same decision.

Use “Most people” statements to instantly create that rapport and connection you need. Here are some examples:

* Most people hate their jobs.

* Most people want more money.

* Most people want to pay fewer taxes.

* Most people would like to keep wrinkles away for an extra 20 years.

* Most people don’t have time to exercise.

* Most people want a lower electric bill.

* Most teachers want a higher salary.

* Most employees want more time with their family.

* Most moms want to keep their children healthy.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Technique #4.


Some people have natural smiles that disarm prospects and make them feel comfortable.

And some people need to practice. They haven’t smiled in years and it shows.

But why smile?

Sales resistance comes from a human program called “Survival.” We are born with this program.

It is the “Survival” program that warns of loud noises and the possibility of falling over the edge. This program is in everyone from birth.

So how do babies know if someone is safe or dangerous?

They instinctively look for a smile.

When we smile at babies, they relax and smile back at us. We are “safe” and they remove their natural resistance to strangers.

Think about that.

A simple smile is one of our greatest rapport and communication tools. It doesn’t cost anything. But if you haven’t smiled in years, it will take practice.

Technique #5.

Give a sincere compliment.

That’s not quite as easy as it seems.

If the compliment is obvious, the prospect feels a greater sense of insecurity. So don’t make obvious compliments such as:

*You are looking good today.

*My, what a nice house.

*I like the way you dress.

*You seem like a very intelligent person.

These obvious compliments create an even bigger wall of skepticism in your prospect.

And most people are embarrassed to accept an obvious compliment.

A less obvious compliment shows that you care enough to look deeper, and see something most people wouldn’t notice. Let’s redo the above four compliments with a less obvious version:

*You are always smiling. Where do you find the energy to smile while raising 4 kids and a husband?

*These wood floors are nice. Were they hard to install?

*I like that silk scarf. Where did you buy it?

*You read “Business Weekly”? How long have you subscribed?

Did you notice how we instantly added a question after each less obvious compliment?

When you ask a question after your compliment, it takes the pressure off the prospect. They don’t have to thank you for the compliment. Instead, they have a question to answer, and that’s a lot more comfortable for the prospect.

Technique #6.

Get your prospect to talk about himself immediately.

How can your prospect resist such an opportunity? A chance to talk about himself, and someone (you) willing to listen?

For most people, these golden moments are few.

Once your prospect has a chance to talk about his ideas, dreams, goals, and problems, he will feel more comfortable with you.

How can you get your prospect to talk about himself?


Just ask a question!

Your prospect will take it from there.

Can’t think of a question? Here are a few to help you get started:

* Have you lived here long?

* How did you get that last name?

* Where did you see my ad?

* What part of my ad was interesting to you?

* How long have you known John?

* How long have you had this problem?

* Do you like to travel?

* How early do you have to leave in the morning to beat the traffic?

* What would you do with a lot more free time?

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

The bottom line is this: If our prospects are scared, resistant and suspicious of us, then our presentation is falling on skeptical ears. And that’s bad.

It is so easy to build instant rapport and communication with just these 6 starter techniques. Why not use them today?


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