Power Marketing and Headline Skills (by Big Al)

The first 17 skills are all about
speaking in a special commercial
language to our prospects. We need to
speak “commercially” since we are in a
commercial business.

Social chit-chat will only frustrate us
with minimal results.

So if you have already committed to
learning the first 17 commercial
speaking skills, now it is time to step
up the “Step #2” skills: finding
prospects to talk to.

Here is an easy way to understand the
power and importance of your headlines
on your business card, in your ads, in
your promotions.

Do you read the newspaper cover to
cover? Of course not.

So how do you choose which articles to
read? By the headlines.

If the headline is bad, you won’t read
the article, no matter how great the
article is.

If the headline is good, you may or may
not read the article.

So think about it. If the headline is
bad, we have no chance. If the headline
is good, at least we have a chance.

So how good are your headlines?

I hope they are good or you won’t
attract prospects to talk to. That’s

There are so many great books on
headlines. Just search for some of the
great copywriters’ books, like from
Olgivie or Caples. That’s a great place
to start.

In 2003, I was introduced to a computer
program that creates headlines filled
with magic words. When I saw the
program, I thought, “31 years of my
career wasted.” 🙂


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