Want to get receive $1,001 in cheque? Check this out

Do love receiving gifts from a friend or someone you love?

Planning to save up for the rainy season?

Love to join in social experiments?

How about winning $1,001 while doing so? Think it’s crazy? Well here’s how.

I just recently received an email from Ramit Sethi, one of my online mentors and favorite blogger. And since I feel giving today, I wanted to share this so that you might get a chance to join in and win the prize. Ramit Sethi is New York Time’s Best Selling Author.

Now, he’s come up with a new surprise in stored for his beloved followers and readers.

 This is a follow up to his phenomenally successful social experiment which he launched last April wherein asked his readers on I Will Teach You To Be Rich what people would do if they won $1,001 which will give away to one lucky winner.

That social experiment gave him a surprising 2, 900 followers who shared their plans of how they would spend $1, 001.

Of the numbers that followed him, it was J. Money was the lucky winner.

Today, he is giving away yet another $1,001

And he’s come up with a social experiment asking the question:

“Think You’re Better With Money Than Your Partner?”

where he will be writing a cheque worth $1,001 to ONE very lucky winner.

And all YOU have to do is answer Ramit’s question: “How would you and your partner spend $1, 001?” The best answer that he reads on or before August 14, 2012 wins the coveted prize!

Your partner could be your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, roommate, whatever.

As always, no catch.

But wait! You have to join now!

Click here within the next 30 seconds to increase your chances of winning!

Good luck and God bless!


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