Presentations and Public Speaking Mastery (by Big Al)

As we grow in our business, we have to
give presentations.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure out:

“If we give great presentations, more
people will buy and join. If we give bad
presentations, we will feel embarrassed
and broke.”

Was that too direct?

But that is just how it is.

I started as a shy, personality-free,
charisma-bypassed nerd. I could stand up
in front of a small group, move my lips,
but no sound would come out.

That’s not the path we want to take to
build our business.

So I invested time, money, and a lot of
energy learning the skills to give
effective presentations. I figured as
long as I am going to give a
presentation anyway, I might as well
make sure they buy or join.

You will spend time in front of
prospects. It is up to you to learn the
skills to get your message inside their

If you don’t, you still will have spent
the time, but you will earn nothing for
your time and effort.

So how big is this skill?

Australian public speaker trainer Mark
Davis and I created a CD just on opening

Think about it.

We spent one hour just giving different
first sentences we could use for

And that’s just the first sentence.
There is of course more to a
presentation, but the first sentence is
pretty important.

So if you decide to refuse to learn the
skills to give effective presentations,
you will limit your career.

This skill takes time, but we can master

Think of what your business would be
like if you had the skill to get your
presentations deep inside your
prospects’ brains, so they would see and
understand the good things you say.  🙂


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