How you only need to be uniquely you to succeed in your goals


Each and every one of us has his/her own unique talent that God gave to us. Each unique talent we posses is a key ingredient towards our success. And despite out inadequacies we might think of as a person, if you believe that you can do it, you can achieve it.

Take for example Mario Mallari Jr, 46, from San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines of He makes lovely works of art out of old, discarded nuts and bolts.

His talent was truly a unique gift from God. It never occurred to him that he had talent for sculpture. He said he was too scared to try especially experimenting with dirty metal discards.

But every time he saw such discards, he said, he felt he needed to turn them into something good.

Until finally, one day in May of last year, he picked up a piece of scrap metal and began to turn it into works of art. Then he tried another piece. And it went on and on, practicing here and there and before he knew it, he was able to complete 150 sculptures in just a short time. With such an output, he was ready to exhibit.

He mounted a series of exhibits, including an exhibit at the lobby of the Senate of the Philippines and had impressed famous buyers with the likes of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, Rep. Marc Justin Chipeco of Laguna (2nd District) and Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito

This obviously, became a new source of income for him and his family and event had invites to have his gala of art work previewed aboard.



So what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams in life?

Is often the question that’s so hard to answer. Most people that I’ve talked to dreams of becoming successful in life. The only problem is they’re not that confident enough to try.

One common fear that lurks on the heart of most people is the fear of conformity. Most people fear doing things that hasn’t been done before and is afraid to do it their way even if the have the talent to do so in the fear that they won’t get the approval of others, especially of their family and friends.

Well, the good news is — you can prove them wrong!

Everything that you need is inside you, only if you truly believe. The expertise, resources and skills that you need and have been yearning for would come along just as long as you’re determined to do keep at it — every day if needed.


So do you also have your own story to tell similar to this? Go ahead and reply. I’d love to read them.

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