Creating Instant Rapport (by Big Al)

You hate this.

You are sitting with a prospect and the
prospect is skeptical, questioning
everything you say.

You know nothing good is going to happen
unless you are able to build some

So what do you do?

Ah, that’s the big question, isn’t it?

How can we build instant and immediate
rapport with those hard-core, sales-
resistant prospects?

Instinctively we know that those worn-
out formulas from years ago won’t work.
And, we only have SECONDS to accomplish
rapport and bonding.

The only way we can accomplish this is
by talking directly to programs in the
prospects’ subconscious minds.

Here are a few of the programs that
prospects have that we need to address:

* “You are a salesman. You can’t be trusted.”
* “So watch out for the catch.”
* “You have an agenda.”
* “You only have your best interests in mind,
not mine.
* “You don’t see the world the same way I do.”
* “You want my money. I want to keep my money.”

This is our challenge. Reading a flip
chart, sending them to an online video,
leaving them a brochure is totally
missing the real challenge in front of

Our prospects are making instant
decisions about “Know, like, and trust”
– and making these decisions in their
subconscious mind.

Women call this their “sixth sense” –
knowing instantly whether to trust

“Sixth sense” is nothing more than pre-
programmed decisions based upon

We have to signal to these programs that
we can be trusted. If not, all of the
good things we say will bounce off their
heads and fall to the floor. Our
presentations are wasted.

We need to learn how to signal to these

Here is one clue.

Start with “known facts” that our
prospects will agree with. They will
begin to feel that we see the world from
the exact same viewpoint.

This is a start.

Then, we will have to quickly upgrade to
sequences of words to begin placing our
good information past the filters of
their minds.

Remember, this all starts with “known
facts” – so point out your commonalities
instead of your differences.

Certainly you can find a few “known
facts” that you and your prospect can
agree upon.

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