Using stories to bypass the conscious mind’s prejudices, filters and programs (by Big Al)

You already know this.

When you sit down with a prospect, the
prospect isn’t listening to you. Your
prospect is thinking:

* What about my past bad experiences?
* How long is this presentation going
to last?
* I don’t like to be sold.
* What’s the catch?
* Activate my salesman alarm.
* Can I trust what you say?
* You have an agenda.
* And countless other programs and negative

So what do amateurs do?

They start their presentation. Ouch.

What do pros do?

They use a low-tech, but very effective
way to get their information past all
the prospects’ filters, prejudices, etc.

They use stories.

More specifically, they use special
types of stories to bypass this clutter.

They will use micro-stories,
visualization stories, belief-setting
stories, time-delay stories, word
picture stories, and more.

Think about it. Don’t you enjoy
listening to stories?

We are programmed to remember stories in
a special way in our brain. In fact,
before the written word, all information
was passed on from generation to
generation with stories.

So how good are your stories?

Do you use the different types of
stories appropriately?

Are you using great stories to get past
the negativity of your prospects?

Did you enjoy that story?

That’s the difference between amateurs
talking to prospects, and pros enrolling
prospects.  🙂

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