The magic sequences of words (by Big Al)

This is probably my favorite skill.

It is so much fun to teach and learn.

In 1974 I was introduced to the “magic
sequences of words” and it changed my
career and my life.

What I learned was this:

*** The only difference between the
successful people making thousands a
week, and unsuccessful people struggling
and failing is that when the successful
people talk to the exact same prospects,
they simply choose a different sequence
of words.

So what does this mean?

In my workshops I tell this story:

I go to a restaurant and the waitress
says to me: “So what would you like to

I say: “Hamburger, French fries, side
salad, macaroni and cheese, baked
potato, some chicken wings, fried
cheese, apple pie, ice cream and a diet

The waitress brings me my food. I eat
and leave the restaurant saying:

“What a poor and miserable business.
Nobody wants an opportunity, nobody
wants to be a salesman, nobody wants
to join.”

But you? Well, you go to the exact same
restaurant. You sit at the table next to
me. And the very  same waitress comes to
you and says the exact same words: “What
would you like to order?”

And you say: “Are you married to your
job or are you open-minded?”

The waitress answers: “What?”

And you repeat: “Are you married to your
job or are you open-minded?”

And the waitress says: “Of course I’m
open-minded. I don’t want to be a
waitress all my life! Tell me more.”

You say: “Well, now is not the time to
talk. You are at work and you are busy.”

The waitress disagrees and says: “Well,
when can we talk? Do you have a business
card? A web site? A sample? A brochure?
Here is my cell phone number. When can
we talk? I get home at 7pm? Could you
call me then? What is your phone number?
I have a break coming up in 15 minutes.
Can I follow you out to your car? When
can we talk? When can we talk?”


You leave that restaurant thinking:

“What a poor and miserable business. I
can’t even have a meal without being
constantly harassed with people begging
me for an opportunity, begging me for a
presentation … I have to keep them
away just to eat!”

And you are flooded with hot prospects
and you earn a huge bonus check.

What was the difference?

Did you drive a better car? Did you have
bigger bonus checks? Were you more
positive? Did you have better goals?


The only difference was ten words!

“Are you married to your job or are you

Ten words separated me in the pits of
failure … from you with the life of
your dreams. Ten words!

Once I learned this lesson, I started on
a life-long quest to find out more and
to collect these magic sequences of
words. After all, that’s the difference.

I think I teach more workshops on the
“Magic Sequences of Words” than any
other skill. Why? Because it really
opens our eyes to what we need to do to
make our business successful

I never knew these sequences existed. No
one told me. And that’s why it is so
much fun to learn them for the first

These magic sequences of words talk
directly to the programs of the
subconscious mind … and then trigger
these programs into automatic action.

No more begging, selling, pleading,
pressuring, etc. Just automatic and
instant action.

You can start to learn many of these
sequences on my CDs, or if you are more
of a reader, order some books on mind
triggers, automatic programming, etc.
You will get as hooked on these as I am!

Once you start learning these, it is
impossible to stop. They are so

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