We all want to utilize the talents we were given in writing and be able to earn from those talent, but having talents also comes certain responsibilities to it that we need to be aware of in order for us be assured that our readers keep coming back and patronize what we have to offer. Below are some writing jobs you can delve into for you to earn from and be responsible with:

OFFERING AFFILIATE PROGRAMSAffiliate offers is basically your suggestion to offer a product/service to your readers that you did not make yourself just to get profit. There are a lot of online programs that offer affiliate offers such as Clickbank, WordPress, Commission Junction, Neobux, Wordlinx to name a few.

  • DO: suggest products and services that you have tried out yourself.
  • DON’T: suggest products and services that you haven’t tried and have no information about.
  • DO: suggest the ones that gave you the best products and services. Your readers are going to love you for it.
  • DON’T: suggest products just because they pay high commissions.

SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTSThis is a great way to you to show your creative juices to play. Let’s see an example: Say you have a passion for writing self-improvement and placing them in your blogs? Why not make an eBook about them and sell them for $5-$10 each? As long as you readers are loyal to you, trust that you will earn a lot on this.

  • DO – Make products that are valuable.
  • DON’T – Create products just to make money.
  • DO – Offer a fair value for the product.
  • DON’T – Overprice (or underprice) the products.
  • DO – Sell your product to visitors who have subscribed and trusted you.
  • DON’T – Try to push the product on people the first time they visit your site.

BECOME A CONTENT WRITERHave that natural knack for writing? Why not try your luck on being a content writer for hire? There are a lot of companies out there that would love to get their hands on your kind of talent. The pay would vary between $1/per 500 words to $25/per 500 words depending on expertise on the matter and on your agreement with your employer. You can go to odesk.com or freelancer.com to learn more on how to earn.

  • DO – Make your contents worth reading
  • DON’T – Put too much filler just to fill the maximum word quota your employer requires
  • DO – be fair and just with the kind of content that you right.


Having good, creative, honest-to-goodness content, coupled with responsible writing is you main key towards success in your chosen craft and be able to excel in it.

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