Looking for an online work-at-home job? Why not try odesk?

If you’re always online and is looking a work at home job for you to earn extra income, odesk.com has it all for you. Odesk has type of job that can match your unique type of skill set like:

-Virtual Assistants

-Ghost Writers

-Copy bloggers

-Data Entry jobs

-Creative writing

-Customer Care and Support

-Phone support

-Technical Support

-SEO writer

-Web site content

and so much more.

Now the good thing about odesk.com is that the membership is FREE.

Tips to get you started with odesk:

1. Fill up your profile as completely as possible. (This is self-explanatory, of course)

2. Take at least 3 exams. This is to increase your chances of having additional job applications under you. By default, you’re only allowed 2 chances to apply when you first start your account with them.

3. Identity Identification Program – you need to let your employer verify your identity. Doing so builds trust between you and your employer. Here’s what you need for that:

  • A scanned image of your passport or government-issued ID card
  • A scanned image of a recent utility bill or bank statement

Odesk Affiliates Program

Odesk also has affiliate program where by you can earn in 2 ways. This is also another way yo earn extra income while working at odesk:

1. Become a job poster (Business to Business Affiliate Program)

Odesk will pay you $50 for each new lead you send them and signs up as an employer on oDesk and verifies a credit card. The affiliates best-suited for this program are those specializing in bizops, B2B sales lead generation or content related to hiring, outsourcing, offshoring, starting a new business, or innovation and big ideas.

Target Segment: Small Business Owners, Internet Entrepreneurs

2. Job Seekers (Freelancer or Job Site Affiliate Program)

Odesk will pay you $0.50 for each new lead you send us who signs up for oDesk as a contractor and applies for a job. This is best-suited to affiliates specializing in job sites, career-oriented content, and sites that appeal to technical experts such as programmers, graphic designers, etc.

Target Segment: Freelancers, Consultants, Technical Experts, Those seeking employment

There are Several Ways You Can Get Started:

  • Place banners or links to oDesk on your website or blog.
  • Have a job or entrepreneurship-focused site? Use our affiliate-enabled RSS job and contractor listing feeds to generate fresh content in realtime.
  • Writing articles on freelancing, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, tech, career, etc.? Whenever you mention or link back to oDesk, replace that www.odesk.com with your specially encoded URL and start getting paid for your referrals.
  • Start a CPC campaign on Google AdWords using our affiliate links.
  • We even created an affiliate site with online tools and developer APIs for those super-affiliates that want to get creative with their CPA lead generation.

With all the job and income-generating schemes that odesk has for you, there’s NO REASON why you won’t earn from this site. Odesk is a legit site and has been giving no-fuss payments to it’s contractors from all over the world so you can be rest assured you’d get paid for your hard work.

Click here to get started.

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