How to talk directly to the subconscious mind (by Big Al)

What is our job description in network

It’s not to make friends or build
relationships. We don’t get paid for

Our job description is:

“To get prospects to make a decision to
either join our company or to be a

That’s what we get paid for, right?

Simple, isn’t it?

So if the decision-making part of the
brain resides in the subconscious mind,
we had better start learning how to talk
to that section of the brain.

As we learned in the last lesson, any
time spent reciting information to the
conscious mind is … wasted. No wonder
we get so frustrated when our prospects
fail to act.

So how do we talk to the subconscious

The subconscious part of the mind
doesn’t “think.” It only reacts to the
programs that already reside there.

Our job is to actually talk directly to
the programs and activate them.

Will this take a bit of time to learn?

But the option of “not learning” means
we are on a path to eternal frustration.
That’s bad.

So let me give you an example of how
this works.

I have a program inside of my mind that

“I love donuts. Pizza is great too. I
love the taste of food. I hate going to
bed with an empty stomach. I like eating
food with my friends. Sugar puts me in a
good mood. Saturated fat puts me in an
even better mood.”

Okay, that’s my program.  🙂

So if you come to me with a diet
program, a chart, a book of
testimonials, the research papers, etc.
– you WILL convince my conscious,
thinking part of my brain that I should

But this part of my brain has no
authority. You wasted your time.

Because as soon as my stomach grumbles,
my subconscious mind says one word:
“Donuts!” – and I’m running to find
something to eat.

But if you wanted to talk directly to my
subconscious mind, you would of course
start with a word sequence such as:
“Well, you know how …” to de-activate
some of my harmful programming.

Word sequences are our keys to enter
into rapport with many of the
subconscious mind programs. They are
fun, beginning steps that can give us
immediate results.

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