“SuperClosing” – the decision-making part of the brain (by Big Al)

What do top networkers know that
ordinary distributors don’t?

Great question.

The answer is: “A lot.” 🙂

One of their secrets is that they
understand how decisions are made in the
human brain. Think about it. Isn’t that
our job? To get decisions?

Now, if we don’t understand how this
works, how can we even begin our job?

Super Closing is a more advanced skill,
but it is based upon the timing of the
decision, and the triggers for the

Let me show you something that might
change how you look at your

A television advertisement might last 15

After seeing the advertisement, you
might buy that product in the future.
Pretty normal.

But let me ask you these questions:

* Did the advertiser know you?

* Did the advertiser know your “why”?

* Did the advertiser know your dreams,
goals and ambitions?

* Did the advertiser listen to your
problems and drama?

* Was the advertiser a good listener?


And yet the advertiser got you to make a
decision in just 15 seconds – WITHOUT a
long presentation or proof.

Interesting, eh?

If you can change your beliefs on how
decisions are made, you can make your
first step towards become a pro. This is
a big step.

So consider this. The decision to join
your business happens before the
presentation begins. And that is where
using Super Closing skills make the

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