The four secret languages of prospects (by Big Al)

The first and easiest skill for
networkers to learn is that there are
four different languages.

You already speak one of those languages
natively. You think and explain things
in your native language.

But what about the other three groups of
people who understand one of the other
three languages?

Well, when you talk to them, they just
don’t “get it” and they don’t join. Why?
Because you explained things in your
language, not theirs.

Here is an example:

“Yellow” people understand the “Yellow
Language.” These people love to help
people, they live to help people. Their
entire motivation is to help others.

“Yellows” are more interested in how the
products HELP people, or how the
opportunity can HELP young mothers stay
home with their children.

They are not interested in the
compensation plan, the titles, or the

Bad things to say to “Yellows”:

* You can make big money with us.

* Here is your chance to get in on the
ground floor.

* We are the biggest and the best.

* All our competitors are losers.

* So how much mega-money do you want to
make in the future?

Good things to say to “Yellows”:

* We need your help.

* Our products help the blind hear, and
the deaf see.

* We stop the poison the evil
pharmaceutical companies are putting in
the drugs that make grandmothers die
early without having a chance to bond
with their grandchildren.

* We help families stay together so they
have long-lasting memories.

Okay, a little exaggerated, but you get
the idea.

We have to explain our products and
opportunity to our prospects in THEIR
native language, not ours.

This is one of the first skills our
distributors need to learn so they have
instant confidence when they talk to

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