How to get prospects using Facebook

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Facebook has been the number 1 most prominent online tool in communicating with people all over world, second only to Twitter, Multiply and other social networking sites to date. Right now, Facebook currently has over 100 million users which means a lot of potential prospects for you to meet.

But wait! Before you get down on your keyboard and start chatting with everyone you know, let me re-iterate that it is important that you build yourself first to your prospects before you sell your products to them. Chatting with your prospects thru Facebook is a great idea but only if done right.

Here are some tips for you to start getting prospects thru Facebook:

Tip #1: Create your own business fanpage Someone using Facebook to go with a story about how many people are using Facebook

You need to build your online presence in the world of Facebook. Your facebook page is your portal to let other people of what the nature of your business is.

Tip #2: Tag your friends

This is a great way to let other people on your fanpage list any updates, promos, or whathaveyou’s posted on that page.

Tip #3: Chat with them

                An important part of letting the people you know about your business is telling them about it — though chat.

Below are the do’s and dont’s that you need to do when chatting with your prospects:


  • Be patient

Chatting with your prospects is NOT a just a one time deal. In the U.S., there was a study the it takes about 6 to 8 chat sessions before you can close a joining deal with your prospect. So be patient and take your time with them. Remember, you are bargaining for their trust and trust usually takes a bit of a time. Start with one prospect at a time. Once you’ve mastered letting people trust you on one person at a time. Doing it on a many as you can wouldn’t be a big deal anymore for you.

  • Be respectful

Assuming that you’ve already met or chatted with your prospect, talked to him about your demo, gave him that advances of doing the business and the different ways that they can earn but still, they declined. Don’t fret, that happens a lot. But that doesn’t mean that you would curse or hate your prospects, sometimes all that they need is some time to think.

  • Check on them once in a while

It would be a good idea to check on them once in a while and engage in small talks and to sneak in how you are doing with your business while you’re at it. This is to give them “some idea” and how you are in the business and boost your credibility as well.

  • Offer your products instead

If you’ve already presented or done your product demo with your prospects and they still declined to join, that’s ok. Offer them your products instead. Do it as soon as you’ve done your product demo, chat session or every once in a while, while you’re checking out on them to see how they are. Again, once you have “established” that trust with your prospects, letting them try the products for themselves wouldn’t be a big deal from them anymore untill. Little would you know it, they would learn to appreciate it and would join you eventually and would bring in some of their friends to come along as well.


Do not force them into joining

             One common mistake that networkers do these days is chat with their prospects and offer their business AT ONCE. This is a big NO NO.  Remember that you need to establish rapport with your prospects first. So you need to know them first as much as they need to know you as well. Remember that they are NOT joining because they trust the products that you offer, they are joining because they trust YOU. 


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