9 tips on how to influence your prospects

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It is said that those who are able to influence others are successful at what they do. So that being said,  your main goal  is to influence your prospects to join you in your business. But how do you do that exactly?

Below are some points you have use to do so:

1. Be genuinely interested in the person in front of you

In the world of network marketing, your main task is to communicate and earn the trust of the people you are engaged with. So show interest in them too. Do some small talk. Ask questions about how they are, their interests in life, what their hobbies are, what they want to achieve, etc. One small conversation on another person could lead to another. People would tend to trust and open up to you more when you communicate with them.

2. Smile

A smile means a whole lot. I know this maybe easier said that done for others but a smile can mean a world of difference. You don’t necessarily need to meet each other physically. You can either just be talking on the phone or chatting thru Facebook even so, people can still feel your smile the moment you talk to them.

3. Respect their opinions

We all have our own different views and that’s perfectly fine. Respect their opinions nonetheless. Your clients just sometimes need to feel the you hear and respect them even though your views are different from theirs. Again, this build their trust towards you.

4. Admit if you’ve made a mistake

It’s alright to commit mistakes. There’s no shame it that. Admit it. But moreover, you need to let your prospects know that you are also there to correct that mistake and is humble enough to do so.

5. Always be friendly

Not all prospects that you would meet are the same. Some are just tough cookies to break. But that’s just fine. You have to understand that there are just those prospects that are so crummy because they’ve been lied to a lot, sadly, by other network marketers. And it is your job to prove them wrong. You just have to let them feel that you are their friend no matter what.

6. Empathize

You need to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Like what I’ve explained on #6, you have to understand that most prospects that you would meet have already been told that same old thing before and that they tend to turn their backs the moment they know that you are a network marketer. Let your prospects know that you understand where they are coming from and that you are there to help them.

7. Don’t just talk the talk 

Most of the prospects you would meet out there would have big hesitations towards your business. So it’s important that you just don’t tell them about the business. Instead, show them how it’s done. Prepare your Powerpoint presentation, show incrementing graphs on how they can earn, demo the products to them show it’s value to them, their health and family, etc. The point is, you need to come prepared and don’t just show your business out of thin air.

8. Don’t force them

I know this is really hard. You’ve done your fantastic, ultra-stupendous business demo to your prospects, you ask them if they would like to sign up and become your downline, they just look and smile at you and say a big resounding — NO. But you know what, that’s just fine. Don’t force them. Trust takes time. If they can’t trust you know, just keep doing the same on 1 to 7 and you’ll get there ever eventually.

So what do you think about this article?

I’m sure you have your own story to tell. So by all means, please post it here. I’d love to read about it.

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