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In today’s internet world, the World Wide Web provides a huge array of jobs that you can choose from. From work and home jobs to jobs with skill-specific job sets, all of them you can find in the web. Below are some of the jobs you can choose from:

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Skill #5: Needs vs. Wants (by Big Al)

The very first “talk” we should have
with our new distributors is about
“Needs vs. Wants.” This is huge.

If our new distributors fail to
understand this crucial difference, they
will quickly become discouraged and
quit. And even if they stay, they will
constantly be taking us to the wrong

We have to instill this viewpoint in our
new distributors:

“Everyone NEEDS our products and
opportunity – but our business is only
with the people who WANT our products
and opportunity.”

Once they understand this, they won’t be
discouraged when someone tells them
“No.” They will simply realize this
person still needs what we have to
offer, but doesn’t WANT it.

To get this lesson into our new
distributors’ belief systems, we will
have to use special stories to bypass
the filters of their subconscious minds.
Once successful, our distributors will
put us in front of highly-qualified
prospects who WANT what we have to

Why waste time talking to people who
don’t want what we have to offer?

The small investment in time it takes
will pay off big with our new
distributors. They will love the feeling
of freedom and no more rejection.

Ice Breakers (by Big Al)

The scariest part of a distributor’s
career is when they have to change the
personal conversation to a business

Why is this so scary?

The new distributor:

* Hates rejection.

* Doesn’t want to appear to be making
money off his friends.

* Doesn’t want to take advantage of his

* Doesn’t know how to turn the
conversation to business.

The easiest way to eliminate these fears
is to tell your new distributors:

“Never make a presentation until they
ask you for one first!”

Now, your distributors aren’t going to
starve waiting for prospects. Instead,
you are going to teach them the skills
of how to get prospects to beg for

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

We need to give the new distributors the
phrases and sentences guaranteed to
bring eager prospects to them.

There is a huge difference in these two

1. I am a distributor for XYZ Company
and we have the finest products and
research. We are patented, trademarked,
copyrighted … and our company founder
knew an old movie star that we gave
money to, and now that old movie star
endorses us …

2. I show people how to “fire their
boss” and start their own part-time

Which sentence do you think will get
more prospects to ASK for a
presentation? 🙂

There are at least a hundred types of
“Ice Breaker” formulas, and we should
teach a few of them to get our new
distributors started.

Once a prospect asks for a presentation,
it gets easier from there. That’s why we
need to teach “Ice Breakers” quickly to
new distributors so that they have some
immediate success in their business.

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Today, we’re launching a new homepage for the WordAds program: Here, you will find our application page as well as FAQs and a discussion forum. Moreover, most sites can now launch WordAds on their site within days of application.

To celebrate the successful launch of WordAds, we sat down to interview one of the program’s first sites at Not every WordAds site has the visitor volume to earn significant revenue, but sites that work to develop their audience can now earn good…

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