8 tips on how to make money through blogging

Nowadays, the internet has become a very powerful tool in making money online and most have turned to blogging in the hopes that they can earn and earn it – fast! 

Well, contrary to that common belief, blogging is not always about money. Before you venture in this kind of skill, you need to know a few things first.

Being able to make money online would depend on how well you are able to connect with people — thru the internet, that is! And the best way to do that is thru BLOGGING. Now, below are some tips on how you can be able to reach to your readers and make them your loyal clients:

Tip #1: Reach out to your readers

In simple terms, blogging is basically sharing YOUR business and what you want to offer to others. And to be able to make money from blogging, you need to know why it is that you need to blog. It doesn’t need to be fanciful and filled with hype, just write facts about the business that you offer and why your readers  need them.

Giving your readers more information about you and your products and services you offer allows the readers to know more about you and helps build trust and confidence between you and the readers. And the more readers you get, the more chances of having more clients.

Tip #2: Blog relentlessly + Great contents

Blog as often as possible. Doing to does not only sharpens your ninja skills in the blogging arena, it also lets the readers know your presence. Making them remember you more.

Another way that they can recall you is by giving them great, quality contents. Which means, giving them information that would enrich them, making them appreciate you more.

I have always loved reading about blogs from Darren Rowse from Problogger an industry sideline where Darren shares what he learns from his primary business, which is the multimillion dollar web venture Digital Photography School.

DPS has 500,000 subscribers, and 5,000,000 monthly site visitors. But Darren started many years ago at the same place we all do — zero (Problogger, which is still a much smaller site, came after, not before).

Darren’s cool blogging contents slowly but surely landed him into having a large number of followers from where it is right now.

Tip #3: Establish your expertise.

As stated above, blogging also establishes you as an expert  in the field that you always blog about. Being an expert doesn’t mean that you know everything and can give them the answers they ask right then and there, but letting them know that you will find the answers or search your resources or other for others.

Tip #4: Ask your readers

Communicating with your readers and asking your readers how they felt about your blog or if they have any comments/suggestions in mind. Be it about you or your products/services.

Tip #5: Think about your audience

    A blog’s lifeline are its readers and believe it or not, there are a multitude of blogs out there, so remember that you are basically competing for their time and attention. Also, remember that a lot of these readers have very short attention span. So the basic secret — create a blog content  that’s worth their time.  

My advice? — make your blog informative, concise and straight to the point. 

A lot of readers would appreciate it more if they’ve learned a LOT from a short but informative blog that you’ve made. I personally love it when my readers would, after reading my blog post, would slap their forehead after giving them some knock-out sense into what they’re reading.  Cool, huh?

 Tip #6: Blogging requires patience

Yes it’s true.  Practice does make perfect! But hey, let’s face it, sometimes things don’t always translate well when you have something in your head then you get into your laptop and start to write something for your blog.

My advice? —- Do something productive with your time.  

Most of the time, helps to let your mind wander off to something else to de-stress it and let your creative juices flow naturally in it’s own time. So, go out and organize your stuff, do threadmill runs, brisk walks or go to the gym just so you can oxygenize your brain and let your ideas flow like water.

Tip #7: Follow these bloggers

Also, it would also be wise to read blogs from other whom have been doing blogs for a long time. For this, I would suggest reading contents from wordpress.comcopybloggerentreproducer, blankpixels and blogs from Marco Saric to name a few. They have awesome blogging and a wealth of contents the you can learn from. 

Tip #8: Sharing your blogs with others

Alright, now you also would want to make sure your blogs reaches a wide number of readers, so asking them to share your blogs thru Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, etc would be a good idea so that whom ever is their friend (in facebook) reads what you have and whom ever follows them (in twitter) does the same too!

Now, what do you think about my blog dear reader?

Do you have something, anything that you’d what to share? Go ahead, leave a comment below. I’d love to read them.

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